Benefits of Membership

What is the “value” of membership in the American College of Cardiology?

The value of membership in the ACC can be found in the recognition it provides you among professional peers and patients as a cardiovascular professional dedicated to the highest quality of care. Your membership provides you with access to the most up-to-date clinical information, and opportunities for networking, leadership, involvement, and “giving back” to the discipline.

While many organizations attract individuals through their purpose and principles, ACC’s members, and the patients they care for, are the motivation and the drivers for all that the College achieves. The founders and leaders of the ACC created a mission statement and a set of core values that serve as the foundation and guiding principles for the work of the College. By personal choice, training and daily pursuit, ACC members make these precepts relevant and hold the College accountable to them.

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What are the core values of the American College of Cardiology?

Professionalism: The interests of patients are primary.

Knowledge: The College must promote growth, dissemination and application of knowledge about cardiovascular medicine.

Value of the cardiovascular specialist: The cardiovascular profession makes a distinct contribution to medical care that should be recognized and enhanced.

Integrity: Honesty, compliance with legal requirements, and ethical behavior are essential in all activities.

Member driven: The College and its major activities must be led by active members and must promote volunteerism.

Inclusiveness: The College involves a broad range of volunteers that reflects the composition of its membership.

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What are the ACC’s member benefits?

Direct membership benefits include the:
Journals of the American College of Cardiology: Members receive the JACC journals including JACC, JACC Cardiovascular Interventions, and JACC Cardiovascular Imaging with their membership dues.

Cardiology: This magazine, written for, about and by cardiovascular professionals, is provided free with membership dues. Cardiology covers professional news, trends and science, and provides members with insight to what is happening in cardiac care. Members receive access to, a premier online resource for clinical cardiovascular information and news. ACC Annual Scientific Sessions and i2 Summit: Members receive discounted registration for the ACC Annual Scientific Sessions and i2 Summit.

Educational programs and products: Members qualify for discounted registration to ACC’s education programs and discounted prices on all of the College’s educational products.

Chapters: Local chapters offer members networking, education, and the opportunity to make a difference in their communities. U.S. state and elected country chapters offer leadership in cardiovascular medicine where members work and on behalf of patients members serve directly.

Member Sections: The ACC has communities within the College dedicated to advancing the priorities of members with a specific specialty or interest. These sections are a unique blend of forum and network, connecting members with shared interests and objectives. Sections include the Interventional Scientific, Adult Congenital & Pediatric Cardiology and Women in Cardiology member sections. An International Council and Section provides a forum for those members residing outside the U.S.

Councils: The ACC also has several councils, including those on Imaging and Thoracic Surgery to meet the needs of its members.

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Does the ACC have more than just physician members?

Yes, the ACC has memberships available for other members of the cardiovascular care team including nurses and pharmacists, as well as for practice administrators.

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Why is it important to join and support the ACC?

The ACC, its Chapters, and its member communities offer you the power of a national collective committed to quality cardiovascular care. Leadership opportunities through committees, sections, and councils allow you to participate in key forums and on critical issues that directly affect your profession. As a cardiovascular specialist you have a stake in patient care and a place in the national debate on healthcare.

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How does ACC help me professionally?

Physician members of the ACC who have achieved their primary and subspecialty cardiovascular board certifications affiliate with the College as Fellows of the American College of Cardiology (F.A.C.C.). The widely recognized and esteemed F.A.C.C. designation demonstrates a member’s standing in the community of cardiovascular and other medical specialties. Other physician members of the College who have not yet achieved their boards benefit from affiliation with the College, giving them access to the latest information in the field and educational programs and products. Outstanding cardiovascular researchers and academics also join the College and benefit from its activities.

Other members of the cardiovascular care team, including nurses, physician assistants, clinical pharmacists, and practice administrators also show their commitment to quality healthcare delivery through their membership in the ACC and take advantage of the College’s extensive professional, clinical, and practical resources.

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How does my ACC membership benefit my patients?

Aside from advancing the cardiovascular specialist’s knowledge and skills and providing clinical guidance, the ACC supports enhanced health care professional-to-patient interactions, as well as direct patient education resources on cardiovascular health, prevention and disease. Resources include, a website built to engage, inform and empower patients to better prepare them for participation in their own care.

At the core of the College’s activities is the fundamental goal of improving patient well-being. Access to care, clinical guidelines, appropriate use criteria, and outcomes-based measures are features of the ACC’s Quality First initiatives centered on patient care.

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What do ACC Chapters do for me?

ACC Chapters present professional opportunities for members and provide a voice for cardiovascular medicine’s concerns at the local and state level. Networking, referral and consultation contacts, mentoring and professional advancement are inherently local in nature, as well as state-regulated issues such as the practice of medicine, licensure, and insurance coverage. Other factors are also most directly affected locally, including CV education, CME and CE offerings, research, training, work place and workforce concerns.

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